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Oil Filtration Systems

Oil Filtration Systems manufactures oil purification equipment designed to remove contamination from a wide variety of fluids, including turbine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, and fuel oil. Oil Filtration systems, when used with high-efficiency filter elements, ensures clean fluid so the hydraulic system functions at peak efficiency. Oil Filtration System also operates the largest, newest, and best maintained rental fleet of highly advanced oil and fuel purification equipment in the industry.

Products include:

  • Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification Systems (Vdops) Oil Purifier
  • Low Viscosity Filter Cart
  • Varnish Removal Systems
  • Filter Skids - Portable High-Flow Filtration Systems
  • Filter Carts - Portable Low-Flow Filtration Systems
  • Filter Housings
  • Hand Held Filtration Systems
  • Fuel Filtration and Coalescer Systems
  • Fluid Analysis Kit
  • Replacement Filter Elements
  • Lube Oil Coalescer System
  • Bearing Lube Oil Systems
  • High Flow Air Breather
  • Ltc Filtration Systems

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